z22yh will not start/ fire at all???

recently bought a signum 2.2 with the z22yh engine all was fine then the other day it just would not start.

the only code i am getting is P0190 FPR circuit A high/low intermittent. at first due to all the posts i thought that it was the semiens fuel pump as when i took it off there was a lot of oil between the engine and the seal on the pump.
i have re-seated the seal and refilled the pump with hydraulic oil, and i am getting good pressure out of the fuel union fitting. i know this wont last long but i thought it was worth a shot to see if the car would even fire up.

nope still getting the P0190 code.

engine turns over fine, sparks are good but the car wont even fire up with easy start.

timing chain seems good and when the crank pulley is aligned with the marking on the timing chain cover the lobes on the camshafts of cylinder 4 are pointing upwards as per hanynes manual.
is there a way of checking to see if the chain has jumped 1 or 2 teeth??

i have used an endoscope to look in the cylinders and nothing points towards bent valves.

this car just wont fire at all even if i start disconnecting sensors like FPR /FPS/ Cam sensor it wont fire into limpt mode either. Any pointers or ways of testing would be great as i dont want to go buying replacement parts without know what i need.
ordered a camshaft locking kit so i can check that the lobes are in the correct locations when the crankshaft pulley is aligned.

just cant get this one to fire up at all even once???


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I would look at plugs and coils pack first, before investigating possible timing issues. If it was running fine its unlikely the timing suddenly want off the mark. There will be plenty of warning in terms of rattling and noise on cold start up if the timing is out.
plugs seem to get a good spark when connected to the coil out of the engine but I don't know what's happening in the engine. No misfire codes coming up the only one is a P0190 Code.
pull the coil pack put a plug in and the plugs spark to a breaker bar. then I thought the plugs are under more stress In the engine so, I took the coil pack out again connected 40cm piece of wire and dangled the wire 5mm above the top of the spark plug in the engine and the spark jumped to the top of the spark plug although the spark then was a pink colour until I put the wire closer.

whats this ground cable, are you talking about the copper ground attached to one of the bolt holes? should this have a cable?
OH I don't know if that is there?? good one will have to get the other half to go check whilst im at work as I have been trying to start this since first week of December!
thing is I don't remember taking one off either? don't suppose you know where its meant to go to and was that picture for a 2.2?
funny thing was I thought that yesterday that that copper ground line must earth through the associated pipes that were also bolted to that bracket that bolts onto the side of the engine.
I might just rig one up to the battery earth on the body to check later and see it that was the problem?
I don't thin the Z22YH engine has that earth?

spoke to Vauxhall about the P0190 Code and they have said that I need a field remedy kit for changing the wiring harness connectors on the fuel pressure sensor..... I wouldn't of thought that that would stop a car starting....?
yeah but im trying not to buy all of them when I might only need to buy one.
would the fuel pressure sensor or fuel pressure regulator stop the car from starting?

what I cant understand is the car wont start or fire oncew even on easy start
might be a light at the end of the tunnel, car nearly turned fired today :) but It didn't :(

turns out the fuel pressure was reading 530kpa on the computer, now its reading 410kpa and nothing seems it must be the pump after all? but im not getting the right code just P0190 not P01911