Z22YH & P1191 fault code

Well the symptom you describe is identical to what I had jimmy accelerate hard and get a very brief but definite hesitation then fine. It also quite often didn't put the light on. But I wouldn't take that as it being definitely the same problem. Like Mikey said I would look into it further.
Hi all i have a prob could anyone help
my vectra when cold runs like a dream, when it gets to normal running temp it pulls back stutters and after a couple of mins i get error code p0301, misfire cylinder 1, and drops down to 3 cylinders, i have changed plugs even swapped them over, used live data and idle the fuel pressure is 700-730psi, under load it get as high as 1500psi, if i sit still and rev it never misses a beat just under load, fixed all the swirl flaps checked they move fine and work, and if i slowly build up once i get above 2500rpm it can take it to 6000 without it missin just just if i accel below that, it does it all the time.


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spark / fuel is best place to start

plugs / coil pack / fuel pressure / injectors / injector rail

has this engine also got a MAF ?
yer its got a maf, torque says its fine and sirflow is just a strady 14.0-14.9 fuel mixture, i am thinking coil pack next but of work due to injury so carn afford to buy one yet, is there any way i can text it, i have just bought the op-com sortware and lead hoping it comes today:)
I really hope someone can help me. My Zafira 2.2 (Z22YH Enginge) Petrol went into limp mode and the amber spanner light came on. The RAC diagnosed a code P1191 Low Pressure Fuel input Sensor. My local garage have had it for 3 days now and still have not been able to diagnose the problem. When I called in to check on progress the Exhaust Emission light had come on and the garage told me it is misfiring on cyclinder 3. They are not sure what the problem is.

I had fitted in 2009 a Siemens Fuel Pump and Vauxhall have told me that via a silent recall my Zafira had a new fuel pressure regulator fitted in 2010. I also had a new fuel filter fitted in 2009.

Can anyone suggest what the problem is could it be because it is low pressure it os the regulator? Vauxhall have informed me that a new regulator would be £110 plus VAT.

Any help is much appreciated.

Bump perhaps (and first post), but after almost 130,000 glorious kms my high pressure fuel pump died.

Well not exactly died, just developed a few pinhole leaks that then sprayed fuel all over my engine bay.

Not impressed, but sounds like I did really well getting 130 out of it.
I bought Vectra C with engine issue (Z22YH). On idle it runned on two or three cylinders (sometimes cyl2 misfire, sometimes cyl4 misfire). It had no power when accelerator was pushed quick.
Desired pressure at idle should be 5000kPa and i had only 3000kPa

Ignition coil spark test is OK.

So I pulled out pressure regulator and drilled out filter on its tip. Now pressure at idle is OK (5000kPa) and engine runs at all four cylinders. When I push accelerator slow, engine can go to rew limitter. It can run fast and pressure is 10000kPa. But if I push accelerator quick, pressure drops to 3000kPa and engine is choking. After that, op-com reads error P1191-52.

Is it high pressure pump faulty or only blocked fuel filter?

I hope you can understand me :)
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Today I changed fuel filter and spark plugs (old spark plugs were black).
Still the same. First start (cold engine) - engine ran at 2cyl, after while at 3cyl.... second start was OK, but engine is making lot of vibrations. I think it should run smoother. Is is like diesel engine.
Quick push accelerator - engine is choking and pressure drops to 3000kPa.

So I will clean injectors. Hope it will solve problem with non smooth run. Last thing will be fuel pump.