Z22YH 2.2 Direct Misfire problems

Discussion in 'Engine Queries' started by Paul_NI, August 11, 2011.

  1. Paul_NI

    Paul_NI Member

    I was all set to buy a new fuel pump as everyone on vectra-c.com seems to think that is the problem, however, I am still not convinced it isnt, but....

    This all started after the FPR was replaced under recall by the dealer i bought the car of. after a few days the misfire appeared, I replaced the plugs which were in bad shape and all was good for a few days, then back to misfiring when pushing car over 2500-3000 rpm. Eventually I bought a code reader but no codes were recorded then the emissions light appeared and code P0303 appeared, reset and all was ok then the next day light appeared again and codes P0310 and P0303, again reset and all was ok. I could reproduce the fault by pushing over the 3000rmp limit.

    So last night i was driving home from work and the A road i usually used was closed for read works so I ended up on a B- road behind alot of cars so i decided to back off and play with the rpm limits and see if I could through the code... I took the car to 5000rpm in 2nd gear and all was good, but when I changed gear and backed off in 3rd, the emissions light reappeared and I read fault code P0303 misfire on cylinder 3 and she was definitely of a cylinder!! I couldnt stop so just erased the code as i drove and as soon as the code was reset the car cam back unto 4 cylinders and pulled away smoothly.

    So a few questions lol

    If this was the pump, surely the pump is mechanical and reset the code would have no influence?

    so code it be the coil pack or maybe a sensor, but what sensor?

    All theories are welcome


    P.S. I also think i broke a spring on the same road as I now have a load popping noise from the front left
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  3. rushy

    rushy Senior Member

    Bit more info in this post than your other mate. I believe if the pump is on its way out then it shouldn't fail at 3000 then work at 5000. Have you checked your manifold swirl flaps.
  4. Paul_NI

    Paul_NI Member

    ok i am new to all of this....

    is there a how to on how to check them?

    The car is '06 and has 27K miles on it.

  5. Paul_NI

    Paul_NI Member

    I found this:

    Field Remedy: 2233
    Subject: Engine Z22YH - Engine malfunction controllamp illuminates, trouble code P1112 (64) stored
    Models: Engines: Option:
    Zafira-B 2005...,Signum 2003...,Vectra-C 2003... Z22YH,Z22YH,Z22YH
    Complaint: Engine malfunction controllamp illuminates, trouble code P1112 (64) stored.
    Cause: Swirl flaps on the air intake manifold sticks.
    Production: Introduction of improved swirl flaps in production as of engine-no.:11674296 (03.07.07).

    In case of customer complaint change the control link (part-no.: 24437715 / catalogue-no.: 8 50 433) and the swirl flaps (part-no.: 93171601 catalogue-no.: 58 50 653).

    Note: It is not necessary to change the complete air intake manifold.

    FunctionalGroup: J - Engine
    Complaint Group: 19 - Poor Engine Driveability
    Trouble Code: P1112 (64)
  6. Matt

    Matt Administrator

    The TIS remedy you've posted is in relation to the suggestion rushy has made. It's a fairly common fault for the swirl flaps to become faulty.
  7. rushy

    rushy Senior Member

    Well I'll be........ I didnt know you could get the parts seporate, I always assumed you had to buy the full intake like the CDTi.