z22se without middle silencer?


If I remove the middle silencer is it too hard sound or is it ok? and is it possible to have more power without it? or just more sound? If somebody have this on youtube post it please. And sorry for my bad english.



Middle box is just used to quieten the exhaust down. You'll not get any more power from having a straight through middle pipe fitted. It will make it sound more "raspy". What back box do you have fitted?
I have a straight through pipe then a small powerflow back box (about half the size of my standard back box) and sounds great in my opinion, I can do a video n upload if you like?

this is first cold start of the day so alittle smoke(i didnt know i got) but thats upto around 3000 revs maybe alittle more.

oh n the automatic choke was on so ticking over alittle higher than normal.