Z22SE Vectra B Rear Anti Roll Bar Bracket Snapping

OK so as some of you may know I have a 2002 52 plate Vauxhall Vectra B 2.2 CDX. It has aftermarket Lenso RS5 17" 5 spoke alloys and Falken Ziec or whatever tyres (195 45 17)

I also have all round Powerflex Black Series track anti roll bar bushes but with standard mounting brackets because I cannot for the life of me find brackets for these bushes.

The bushes seem to be slightly bigger externel dimensions than the stock GM parts which made it very difficult to fit them, and so far since fitting them the rear left "d" bracket has snapped where the loop becomes the tab that the stud goes through for fixing to the rear beam.

This has now happened a second time and Vauxhall are asking to look at the car cause they've never heard of one breaking apparently. By the way I bought 2 brand new 2 part rear brackets when the old left one broke to ensure the "weakest link" scenario didn't break the right one after time.


Why is the left arb braket breaking more than once in the same place,


Would I be worth simply fabricating some metal straps of some sort myself or is there anywhere I can buy proper mounts for my Black Series bushes?

Please help lol


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I've also put the powerflex black bush on rear arb, but i have not had the problems you are having.

Has the car been in an accident is the arb possibly out of position. Something is not right when the same bracket keeps breaking.

You should have a good look at the arb to see if it looks bent or something, might explain why the bracket keeps breaking

Might be worth getting vauxhall to look it over


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Yes it was tough getting them in. A bit of cursing going on i remember but that was a sign that there was a tight fit and no slack between the bush and arb.

They do fit though. But i don't know why your bracket keeps breaking, other than it's posiibly damaged/bent
The bar doesn't seem to be bent. Obviously without some kind of jig I wouldn't know. But the back flat plate is still attached to the beam and the bush sits against it when the car is on level ground. But the loop keeps sheering off at the crease where the tab bit comes off it. It's a pain.
do you have the correct size and type of bush?
there are several types and size's on the Vectra B. i couldn't get mine to fit then worked out the bushes were from a different model/spec/age
are the rear trailing arm bushes in good order? and are the link bar inner and outer bushes all good?
I have no idea about all of the above only as far as to say I think there may be an issue due to the rear of the car skipping a little on bumps round corners. I believe this indicates a possible problem with one or more of the bushes.

One thing I have been wondering is if I have replaced the mounts the wrong way round. Which way do the rear arb mounts sit? I have the loop of the "d" facing away from the cross member as opposed to facing towards it. I'm thinking maybe this might put extra stress on the loop compared to being installed the other way round.
I have the correct size bushes as far as the size of the bars themselves. I measured them. The rear bar actually appears to possibly be an upgrade to the one it should have as Euro Car Parts don't list my size arb as the one for my vehicle or reg. The front is correct. Please don't ask me what sizes the they are lol I just know I measured and bought exact ones from a shop right across the road from Powerflex as they were able to get them same-day for me.
When i got farb for my g from euro they were a mm smaller at 19mm internally.

They said they were the biggest and the correct ones for it. Not a chance i said and asked for a refund, went to vx and they were a about quid dearer and fitted first time no problem.
3 sizes of rear anti roll bar on the Vectra B from factory.
if the back end of your car feels loose and is skipping you need to check all the other rear suspension bushes for wear. the front bush on the trailing arms are prone to failing. could also be rear tracking out of line.
Well it's not skipping as such. It's a very predictable and controllable single small jump sideways. Something you might expect to happen but doesn't normally, ya know? And I think I have my rear arb bushes/mounts backwards lol. That'll teach me to take notice more when taking stuff apart. Must admit didn't think it'd make much difference but on reflection can understand why it does lol


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If there is too much sideways movement in the rear suspension on the Vectra B, this usually indicates the rear upper and lower trailing arm ball joints (no. 21 in 2nd diagram above - also known as rose bushes) are worn.
It's best to renew these with genuine parts as most available via eBay are like chocolate and you'll be replacing them again in 9 months time.

best not to use powerflex unless its a track only car? you will be replacing them every year to pass mot other wise.
i had gm lower pivots and eccentric upper ones to make adjusting camber better. car was planted never felt loose or skippy at the rear only when the trailing arm bushes failed.