Z22se turbo



I'm looking for z22se turbo or compressor ECU flash if anyone have and willing to share?



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There is OBD tuner and Courtenay Sport for remapping the Stock ECU, Both of these will cost you. Courtenay sport was about £350 with a live mar for the supercharger swap.
OBD is more but you map it yourself as many times as you like.
Hey corsaZ22se , I am also looking to supercharge my 2.2, but the ECU is what bothers me most.
I understood OBDTuner has alot more options, and is 700quid I believe, and courtenay(base map) 240.
I have absolutely 0 experience with tuning whatsoever, so I'm kind of afraid I would blow up my engine, or worse, the supercharger.

What do you think is best?


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For a simple build the Courtenay mapping is good. I have been using it in mine since I went supercharged with no faults. Total price base map and rolling road tune was around £350.
Plenty of guides on here on "how to" EvoCarlos fitting guide is the most recent and lists all you need.