Z22SE Supercharger kit

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I've been planning to Supercharge my Vectra B SRI 150 estate for a while now but prices are ridiculous over here compared to in the states not to mention rare and usually incomplete, me and the missus are planning to go visit my sister over there and was hoping to sneak off to a breakers to try and get the lot, what I want to know is, is there any variation with regards to model, year, setup or are they all exactly the same? do some have a cooler setup and some not??

Also I've had a quick search on here for a diagram on all the parts and how/where they fit but no joy, anyone know better?

Many thanks!
Ahhh! Hiya matey! You still have it thats great! We were talking January before last if you remember about me having that until the actual car became a problem, well what was going to be tyres, exhaust and a few other bits turned out to be a complete and insane restoration she must be one of the cleanest Vectra B's in the country! Getting to the engine side of things now, what was the status of this ECU? Tuned n dialed in by Courteny and how do I make it run with my car with regards to the transponder in the key? Also does it plug straight in or does the loom/plug need modifying in any way?? Cheers!!


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No worries mate car builds are never quick, so like your gonna have a great car.

Ecu is fully mapped to run on a Courtenay sport stage 2 pulley (which I will include) and come ready to just plug in and use its mapped to 249bhp iirc and comes with chip and transponder so is plug and play. The loom just needs the normal mods for running a sc kit which is detailed on here in the sc thread (y)
Yeah mate, wait till you see pics of it, its another level, I'm a professional classic car restorer and this is amongst the most over the top restorations I've done (no one gets why I'm putting so much effort into "an old vectra") lol, me neither.

Awesome sauce!! You got any paperwork for work done to the ECU? Also you mean it has the transponder chip that I swap with the one in my key?? Thats great about the stage 2 pulley thanks, finally what other mods will need doing to the engine to get the best results from the ECU setup??

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Oh wow so it's going to be better than new then

Yeah has the transponder ring for the barrel and the chip for the key. I don't have any paperwork as such but the seller is still on here, not sure of his user name but his name is Steve margates I'm sure one of the older members will know his user name.

Just the normal instillation of the sc kit, the ecu ran z20let injectors so the mods to the loom are as in the sc build thread. The engine had piper high lift cams but they only seemed to add a small amount of power (5bhp more). The CS Base map is £225 by the time you include postage and then they charge £85-95 per hour to then map it fully.
Oh yes! Definatly better than new! Everything has either been replaced with GM, Febi or performance parts, numerous subtle upgrades and all underside parts blasted and painted properly not that lazy cheap black coating Vauxhall put on which rusts instantly.

Cool! I'm familiar with the basics of fitting the scharger kit just a few things I'm not sure about like do the Z20LET injectors run with the Z22SE rail or the Z20LETs?? and do I need to upgrade the the fuel pump or will it be happy enough.

Cool, so what sort of price we asking for this ECU set??

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Happy days look forward to seeing pictures if it (y)

The z20let injectors use the z22se rail.

The fuel pump.is the same as the ones found in the turbo cars and start to struggle around the 280bhp mark iirc a Walbro 255 can be fitted and can be bought for about £85-90 new.

For the ecu, transponder, chip and pulley £250 delivered, you can then sell your ecu and make some money back (y)