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z22se SC

Discussion in 'Cylinder Head/Block' started by vocky, July 10, 2017.

  1. I picked this engine up earlier and it is getting a full rebuild with Wiseco 8.9:1 pistons, Eagle rods, new genuine chains and water pump, bearings, gaskets, etc

    I whipped the cylinder head off to check all was still good. I have heard the engine running so knew it was okay, but always worth another check :)

    It was removed from a vx220 and was replaced with a forged z22se engine.


    valves all good and running sweet before removal


    ready for stripping

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  2. Engine is now fully stripped, head has been ported and waiting to go to the machine shop.

    Plus I am waiting for parts from the usa, so not much to do.
  3. just collected the cylinder head from the machine shop, three angle valve seats, valves faces have been remachined and a slight skim of the head

    Exhaust ports opened up and the SC cams in the background from ZZP

    inlet ports also opened up a little

    valves refaced. seats recut and a light skim
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  4. Dbilas valve springs arrived today, so I rebuilt the cylinder head with a new set of genuine valve stem oil seals


    And the head complete with SC cams

  5. the pistons and rods have finally arrived from the states, the pistons have been on back order from Wiseco

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  6. I collected the rebored block yesterday and started the rebuild :)


    I managed to get the pistons and rods less than 0.5 grams difference in weight, the Eagle rods were all within 0.1 grams of each other.


    pistons and rods fitted


    brand new genuine bearings


    polished crank, craddle and brand new genuine rear main oil seal added

  7. I had the sump cleaned by the machine shop in their engine parts washer


    sump fitted, brand new genuine coolant pump, balancer delete and brand new genuine chain kit fitted

    genuine Saab B207 head gasket, I prefer using them on SC engine builds as it lowers the CR a little bit more

    Brand new Saab B207 genuine cam chain kit fitted - these have the adjustable cam sprockets otherwise are identical to the z22se chain kit.


    I ran out of time to do any more yesterday, not much more to do and it will be finished :)
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  8. cams vernier'd today :)

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  9. Finally this engine is finished :D

    New genuine - oil pump gasket, cam cover gasket set, cam cover bolts, oil filter, oil pressure sender, EGR blanking plate, EGR gasket and crank bolt (y)


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  10. waiting to be collected and shipped to Germany :)

  11. on it's way :D

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