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z22se options

Discussion in 'Tuning Discussion' started by gynge, November 20, 2017.

  1. Hi, a question often asked, what can I do to my z22se?
    I'm planning on two different engine projects.
    1: My daily z22se in m Vectra. I have an cat backsport exhaust, and planning some kind of cold feed induction filter. Can I do more in a simple way? I it easy to find a 2.4 manifold in GB?
    If I can find z22yh pistions, will they add anyything? As I understand, it will increase the compression.

    2: An engine for my old chevette(kadett), I'm dreaming of an z22se with SC, and 200 bhp. I've already found an engine from an Vectra B, is it just to buy a kit from USA, and then remap the original ECU?
    Does it happens that SC set comes up for sale in GB?

    The balance shaft delete kit, where to buy that. I can't see it anywhere.

    Hope some one will take the time and help me. I have read a lot, especially Vocky and evocarlos treads, but I'm still in doubt. And even more in doubt about where to find things, because I'm not british.

  2. I know of a 2.4 inlet manifold for sale, it is £100. They do come up for sale every now and then.
    Increasing the CR to 11:1 makes good NA power, not ideal for SC

    Even a basic GM cobalt SC set up should give 230bhp, the SC kits also come up for sale every now and then, but not often. Usually they fetch £1200 - £1500 in the UK
  3. that's the right guy to buy sc kits from.
    with that kit you will go past what bottom end in stock form can cope with. with forged rods and pistons on that kit you could see around 300bhp :)
    balancer delete doesn't need part, remove shaft and cut down then knock bearings in by 7.5mm (don't quote me on that) and re fit the ends of the shafts to carry the sprockets
  4. thanks @corsa 22se . I'll keep having a look at it. Are you running the standard ECU with a new program, or is it a stand alone system?
  5. yes, standard Z22SE ECU with VX220 software mapped to see boost.
  6. Hi again.
    I have come to the conclusion that none of my two plans will work perfect.
    The z22se in my 2002 Vectra C, can not be mapped, so all modifications (2.4 inlet) will be a waste.
    In my chevette, i doubt there will be room for an SC, couse the engine by it self, is resting colse to the firewall.
    So now I'm thinking on a NA engine for the Chevette. What will a standard z22se block and mild portet head, with reprofiled cams, balance shaft delete and z22yh pistons bring me, with a standard inlet.( I have given up to find a 100£ 2.4 inlet)

  7. There is some one building a Chevette with a 2.2 lump in it. not sure on what induction they are going for though?
    Have you thought about turboing your Vectra C? Dave Gilbert has done this with decent results.
  8. there are five vx220 owners currently replacing the webcon ECU and engine loom, might be an ideal time to get a cheap aftermarket set up (y)
  9. I'm not going to turboing the vectra, but thanks for the suggest. The rules in my country is to crazy to do that kind of things. I'm starting to be annoyed about the vectra, so only "small changes" like a 2.4 inlet will be considered.
    Small changes, that I could transfer to my spare engine for the chevette.
    The dream was to have a sc z22se in the chevette, because so many runs c20xe, c20LET, z20LET, Z20LEH and so on......
    But like I said, the SC takes to much space on the "airfilter side" as far as I can see, Even with a 180 degre bend, it will clash with the fire wall.

    So first priority plan/dream, is a 175 bhp NA z22se.
    Any link to the guy building a chevette with the 2.2?
  10. Hi z22se wizzard. Any link to where the Webcon will be for sale? Is the webcon good compared to an EMU ECU? My firends use EMU, and I have no idea where to get an Webcon adjusted/programmed here.
  11. webcon ecu is locked, so must be a webcon dealer. Probably not a good idea if there is no webcon dealer near you
  12. The Chevette was in a Vauxhall magazine sold in uk so no links to it.
    good luck with these projects and keep us updated (y)