Vectra C Z22SE main berings

Hi friends,
im rebuilding now a Z22YH engine. Im searching in my country for GM90537821 Gm90537330 main bearings but i cant find them. Also i looked up King bearings MB5413SI, but also they are unavaible here. Does anybody know PNs, if they exist, of more aftermarket companies producing a good quality main bearings for this engine?
you can also use the B207 and A20NFT bearings

I used these bearing sets from Vauxhall

full set mains = 12591092
full set big ends = 12591093
Hi vocky, thanks for your reply. I tought thatt the 1.8 was a real 1.8 (never had one exact), but seems like my troubles regarding this engine build never stop. I sucessfully ordered a set of genuine 12591092 STDs. But i was a bit disappointed that theres no STD marking on them. I must check them with micrometer. Did some you dear members of this forum encountered this kind of marking, without explicitly stamped STD?