Z22SE Insane oil usage

Thank you! My mechanic wasn't planning on removing the crankshaft tho, because apparently you can hone and replace the rings without doing that?
Also, I need a hone device / tool for the cylinders, but I'm not sure what size I need. Does anyone happen to know?
And do you happen to know what gaskets and seals there are? Headgasket, and on the carter, is that also a seal?
You can hone the bores without removing the crank but while its out and part stripped you may as well do a full rebuild.
I would go for an adjustable honing tool like this type,

Head gasket, timing case gasket, crank shaft seals, cam cover seal. Lower crank case and sump both use sealant, be sure to use the correct type as standard rtv/silicone will leak given time. It used to be about £3.50 a tube from the main dealer 3-4 years ago.
Thankyou! Will do! Also, a bit off topic maybe, but I saw a while back on some forum that measuring oil on the z22se is different than other engines? Like you can't measure oil on it when it's cold, you need to run it hot and then wait 10min to measure. Is this actually True..?
When they have an oil cooler fitted (only the VX220 had one from factory) you should run them for a few minutes and check oil level after 1-2 minuets.
All the others can be checked cold.
I normally use Shell Helix H7 in the Z22SE's or the GM oil if it's the first fill for 500 miles as it was cheaper but now the Shell oil is cheaper in UK.