For Sale Z22SE external Triggerwheel for crankshaft conversion

Im selling an external Triggerwheel for the Z22SE. Its ideal for a every crankshaft conversation or an Z20NET/B207 engine with the Z22SE ECU

The offer contains:
Crankshaftpully Z22SE
Triggerwheel made from a special magnetic stainless steel
A holder for the crankshaftsensor (without the sensor an cable)

I have no longer a use for it because im going back to a 2.2l crankshaft


350€ + shipping from Germany
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yes the triggerwheel ist for the 2.2 "z22se" and it worked verry well with my eagle 2.2l forged crankshaft.
Sadly i had an bearing damage on the first rod so the crank is done and ill use a stock one again. That´s why the triggerwheel is for sale.

This triggerwheel is made from a bolt on wheel for internal use. But my forged crank had no triggerwheel where you can mount something.
But i modified it for the mount on the crankshaftpully. When you get it mountet to the crankshaft you can use it also internal.

But you can use it also external how i did it so there is no need to pull the crankshaft out of your engine (and for that the engine out of your car) to modify your carnkshaft