z22se exhaust manifold

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I have a cracked exhaust manifold of my 2.2 Vectra b ..what is better for replacement, a cast iron one or stainless steel ??(n)(n)(n)(n), and is it recommended to have it wrapped or not..??, or just to take it for fixing and that's it ??o_Oo_Oo_O

Really need a satisfying answer ..

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If I remember correctly your not allowed to braze exhaust anymore. That used to be the way to fix a cast item like that. A guy at work fixed the table on my pillar drill that way.


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you can cold weld it with cast rod but you have to drill the ends and do little sections and hammer the weld with an air chisel
brazing it would be best and a better repair I miss having oxy act bottles
I agree evocarlos but in the back of my mind I'm sure that they banned brazing exhausts some time ago. Will have to do some research on it.

Seems like it is possible to weld cast with special rods now. Did remind me that a lot of time, brazing an manifold would eventually crack again due to stress unless done absolutely 100% right and even that's not guaranteed.
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Thanks all

I understand from all responds that to replace it with a new one is the best choice. But if I replaced it with a new performance stainless steel one, do I have to make another changes for the hole exhaust system?(n)

If it were me (and I had planned to do this before circumstances changed - although I'm still hopeful) I would have a s/steel manifold, then find a friendly chap who's handy with a welder to make the front pipe and fit a ready made cat-back system to that (or, if one wasn't available for sensible money, have one custom made).
dbilas do a very good cast manifold. and its not that hard to weld cast iron manifolds with gas. used to do quite a few for tractors.. the standard ones are prone to cracking :(


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most standard one do though carl :(
its at this point the pre cat gets binned out :)
my new engine has a cracked manifold but had no precat.