January 16, 2019
Hi all I have for sale a z22se engine I have removed from a 02 astra has 98k on and was running when removed I do have a video of this runs good doesn’t smoke knock rattle or bang had the timing chain and balance shaft chain done at 85k no proff but anybody is welcome to come whip the rocker cover off and inspect it themselves it does have a slight oil leak on the chain panel gasket but just needs a reset I will do this now the engine is out
Also I have a full head off another z22se I removed from another 02 Astra however the engine is out of a vectra c unsure of the Reg but had only 59k on it when I put it in the car (I seen the car and speedo when I collected so know this is correct mileage) both chains were also done at this time if memory serves the car had 145k on when I fitted this engine and is now sitting on 172k so the engine has approx 85-90k on now but crank is knocking hence just selling head. Also I’m breaking both these cars the first is a coupe in black heated leather interior all parts available the second is a Sri in blue irmisher bumpers skirts and spoiler could do with painting most parts available contact myself through this site or direct on 07555343143 cheers Craig haven’t got a clue on prices but these engine with similar mileage are listed on eBay from 200-700 so looking at around 175 mark for full engine the head is prob 100 the gear boxes are 120-250 so looking at 75 each all other parts just ask and make me a offer I can deliver locally at extra cost

Also I’m not a trader etc these cars belonged to me and my friend the black coupe is my friends the blue Sri was mine but after the crank started knocking 18 months ago it went into my friends garage as a parts car for his coupe


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May 22, 2007
Hi have you still got the head and what are the valves and cams like?

mssri150 (Mark), if you are looking for replacement camshafts, for information the Vectra B's have a different inlet camshaft to the Astra G/Zafira A/VX220 & Vectra C, as the power steering pump is mechanical and driven off a hex drive in the end.
The exhaust camshafts are all the same.

GM part numbers:
Camshaft, Inlet, STD (Vectra B) - part # 90537730

Camshaft, Inlet, STD (Astra G/Zafira A/VX220/Vectra C) - part # 9194109

Camshaft, Exhaust, STD (All Z22SE's) - part # 9194102


March 5, 2013
Well I would never have known that. Might jus have mine re honed.

Thank you very much
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