Z22SE - E10 petrol OK ?

Hi all,

just a quick question. I have the Z22SE in my Astra SRI, can I use this new E10 petrol OK ?

I have been on the Gov website and the only Vauxhall engine that cannot use the new E10 is the 2.2 Z22YH, so does this mean my Z22SE is not going to be affected ?

I look forward to your replys.

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It seems you have answered your own question about specific engines.

I wonder if it will result in a reduction of road tax costs as this is directly related to emissions.

But it does say there will be less mileage from this new fuel. Surprise Surprise.
I believe it is just the z22yh with it's direct fuel injection system that will not like the E10 fuel.
You will notice a reduction in mpg's and a loss of power slightly.
Unless you run on Shell Vpower or other 99 octane fuel which is preferred in the z22se anyway then you will see and increase in mpg's and power. Been running mine on that since 2001 when I got the Vectra B and every dealer at the time and tuners all recommended it.


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I noticed, when I was up in Shrewsbury recently, that the Sainsbury's forecourt was already equipped with E10 pumps (I filled up with Super Unleaded).

I did fill up the Vectra B (Z22SE) with E10 once, over in France a few years ago, but didn't notice any detrimental effects. I guess that's because I filled up again pretty quickly over here afterwards.
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I've just been reading about this. There are many different stories, like any car made before 2010 should not use it, some must be scare mongering or government wants us to buy newer cars. I'm concerned about rubber and plastic parts on my 2001 vectra b. If my local petrol station has E5 I'll probably carry on using that.
I believe most fuel stations will be providing two grades of petrol, the new E10 and E5 in the guise of super unleaded as stations will not have the tank capacity to hold both E5 unleaded and super unleaded.

So you may find your local station only has the E5 super unleaded which may cost a bit more but gives you peace of mind.

Many of the members here recommend running the Z22SE's on Shell V-Power anyway.