you can get aroung the can bus by finding the two can bus wires on whatever unit you want to remove and measuring the resistance across them with the unit attached then when you remove the unit link in an appropriate resistor
also if you are only adding the turbo and relative ancillaries and there are no extra sensors then you should be able to add them in then get the original ecu re-mapped


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i could have done with knowing that 2 months ago!

going megasquirt once i have my final shopping list sorted out. will the actuator operate without being wired in to the loom then? notsure.gif


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vocky said:
top pic - Saab Aero turbo

middle pic - Saab turbo + manifold on ebay.com last year

lower pic - 2005 vectra C sri 2.0 turbo

z22se turbo kit from usa


with US cars being LHD would that cause complications when fitting to a RHD car or are they totally interchangable?