Z20LET tuning - need advice(300-350hp)


Hello friends.I have astra coupe 2005 with z20let swap. For the begining i want around 300hp,but i need advice for some parts. First wich tophat to buy 76mm with 63mm boost pipe or 63mm tophat with 63mm pipe. Wich cartridge to use for leh turbo - k06,garret or something else? I need good intercooler, but i don't want to spend 500 bucks, i found forge for 270€ but will be on the limit for 300hp I will remove the balance shafts and put lightened flywheel. Also i want to redirect the sump ventilation into catchtank or atmosphere-what mods are best for that. Will run with full decat straight pipe with one resonator- 63mm or 76mm. What intake system, induction kit or cone with cold air feed.It's not problem if i need to cut something. New injectors, fuel pump, bigger AFM, that's easy. Better inlet manifold, klassen, custom or... ? Thanks