Work In Progress......


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Over the last month or so I've been working on a new custom centre console for the coupe. I'm going to be fitting one of the following double din units


Info of the units found here >>>>

Then finishing off by having all the centre console parts (Main console, ash tray, Diagnostic cover, Heated seat switch panel etc etc) all professionally covered in alcantara (Black Or Dark Grey not sure on final colour atm waiting on samples). Any hoot, I'm thinking and hoping to get the logo custom badge made up. The company who going to re-trim the console parts said I'll need to find a company to make the badge and they'll add it on, problem being I've not got a clue where to look?:confused: If any of you can point me in the right direction or know of a company who can do this plz let me know.
theres people on ebay doing custom embroidery(i had a leather gaitor made up with SRI embroided in, its on here somewhere n its mine and the-tuningshops design so if u see it anywhere else they copied mine)
but look for the the-tuning shop on ebay they should be able to help(y)