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Won’t Start

Discussion in 'Engine Queries' started by Fordy, April 15, 2018.

  1. I have recently completed an engine swap and the car wouldn’t start. Plugged in OpCom and it showed electronic throttle control malfunction. I swapped the engine loom and the car started up and the fault code was cleared. After idling for 20 mins the car cut out and wouldnt restart. I plugged in OpCom again and electronic throttle control malfunction was back again.

    I’ve swapped the throttle body and the coil pack etc and I’m still having no joy. Any ideas what to check next?
  2. try the MAP sensor, they can give a similar fault
  3. Cheers i'll swap it over tonight.

    Anything else worth swapping if it doesn't solve the issue?
  4. Swapped the MAP Sensor over and the fault is still present. The only thing I can think of doing next is to get another loom but aren’t confident that it will solve the problem as the car started with the current loom fitted.
  5. you could check all the earth straps on the engine
  6. Thanks for that mate
  7. I should have a spare for each sensor within the engine bay so I'm just going to swap each one at the weekend. Should that fail to solve the issue, I will purchase another loom. My question is what is the actual difference between the looms with different indents? Apparently my reg gives the following potential indents:
    1. P6C
    2. P6D
    3. Q6R (also services R6F)
    4. N6H
    5. S6T
    Another issue that I have is that the engine currently in the car is a bit of a mongrel, with parts from vectras and astras from different years, which may make the selection of the correct loom a little more difficult, dependant on the answer to the question above.