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Wolf's Chemical Deironizer v3. Rating - 4/5



Wolf's chemical is a Hungarian company that has been getting raving reviews on the net for its value for money car detailing products. Car detailing websites and forms are saying they products are offering a lot more bang for your buck. So with my IronX leaking all other in my shed, I decided to take the plunge and give it ago and ordered off £6 for 1 litre (Offer on at the time of purchase, now back to normal price £8.95).

First Impressions

Straight off the bat the bottle it comes in is way better than IronX!! Nice strong cap! With the 1 litre version you got to use your own spray bottle, which I do prefer then u only need to fill the bottle up for as much or little you want to use (No more leaks :happy:). As you can see in the pictures below, the state of one of many dirty alloys (In the right hand side off the passenger alloy I got some black sticky gunk on it), so its got to life up to is claims to shift these marks.

Cleaning Process

In the wash cycle of the alloys I won't be pre washing the alloy with the jet wash or using a brush to help loosing the dirt/gunk during the dwelling stage. So we can just see the true strength of the product.


Passenger Front

Drivers front

(These are the stated of my front alloys which get the dirtiest and will good test platform.)

Followed the directions that was advise, which are the same if anyone used IronX. Spray onto the alloy and allow to dwell for 4-5 mins. Only thing I done different was to spray it onto the Tyre as well as you can see in the pics, they're are bad!!

Reaction on passenger front alloy before I finished applying all other the alloy.

Dwelling Stage

3mins dwelling on passenger alloy and the contaminates is running and pooling off!!

3 mins on drivers front alloy and contaminates coming off nicely, but what was impressing me the most is this.....I could see the shine starting to come through! When I used IronX I only got this when I used a wheel brush and worked it into the alloy. All Ive done is applied and left to dwell nothing else!

Moment of Truth (Results)

So 5mins of dwelling time had elasped and it was time to see if the proof was in pudding!? Could a product aimed at the IronX market do the same job as good to the same standard, of an item for the same size costing nearly double its cost (

Driver Front

Passenger Front.

Well well well would you look at that :smug:. Right with a quick blast of the pressure washer the alloys and even the tyre came up perfect (Apart from the kurb marks lol) and if you look at the passenger alloy it took off the gunky black stuff with ease.


For a product that costs a lot less than its main rival its aimed at, I thought its got to be half the cost for a reason. Either its not as strong and loads have to be applied and worked in hard to achieve a good finish, or leave a nasty residue on the alloy. But I'll type this so the missus doesn't hear me saying this out aloud but I was sadly 'Wrong'!! Wolf chemical deironizer v3 deserves its hype imo, its done a great job in cleaning the alloys and getting rid of all the crap on the tyre, and has left a nice dark clean finish. All the contaminates were removed with ease and left a really nice shine on the alloys. So why pay the price of IronX that's now the question?:confused: This is going to be the wheel cleaner of choice for me from now on and I happily try there other products after the results of this (y) I strongly recommend any of you that need to restock or thinking of buying IronX, give this ago your won't regret it. I'll give it a 4/5 rating, only reason it doesn't get full marks is due to you'll need to have your own spray bottle which some may not like.

  • Value for money
  • strong container (Take note IronX)
  • makes little work of any contaminates
  • great results
  • Tyres cleaned to a nice dark finish
  • Smell (All deironizers are the same)
  • Need to have own spray bottle (not an issue for me but could be for some)

Thanks for taking the time to read my review and hope it was helpful.


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1L Wolfs Deironizer v3, 2x 600ml Plastic sprayers, 2x Foam wax applicators and Monster Microfibre - purple monster.

Used the discount code S2KUK... 5% I think
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Over the years, I've found that you only seem to get about 6 months decent use out of a drying towel, before it starts to put marks in the paint


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Ive been using this

I always wash it out and dry it, to make sure i get all the crap off it. Great towel best I used by far, but after dozen washes u can see the fibres dropping. Still soft to the touch and 9 times out of ten I end using them for a buffing cloth for polish. I think next time I bulk order I'll might get somw of the chemical guys microfibre cleaning stuff. See if that helps the life cycle


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What I use (y) and got pics in one of the threads. U can get others that are really thick form like autobrite which i class as a show off foam but not great at taking dirt off the car. Valet pro cleans great. Plus cheap atm 5 litlres for £16 at also key is dilution ratio. I like mine weak so it runs off nice and takes the dirt with it, not just site they and look pretty.


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Quick Update.


Second wash using wolfs now and I've never seen my alloys as clean as this for a very very long time!

Its nearly got the inside of the rim spotless as well! Just a few marks that prob come off soon if i bother to get my wheel brush into it. But for spraying, leaving then washing off wow!


and that's without actually using a brush on the inside? If so, that's really good!

I used a brush with the IronX, and that got rid of 99% of the marks on the inside of the wheel.