Withams loudest vectra

Yeah man she's got 2 x 15 lanza sub's a audiobahn 2400 w amp a DLS 4 channel amp 4 x jl audio 6.5 and a 6 channel crossover eq when I built the box I had to strip the back of the car out all the trimming out lol and spare wheel or bike wheel lol. Sounds nice I had to have it when I made my exhaust for it I made the whole thing both the rear boxes all stainless 2.5 with 5" tails twin as I work in a stainless steel unit hmmmm what can I make I decayed the cat striped its guts a d blanked the egr off too nice tone just gotta sort bit of paint out then she be tidy
very nice ,I'm running 2 alpine type r swr-10d2 in custom made box , alpine 1100w monoblock amp , 600w twister 4 channel amp , alpine active crossover ,alpine type r components in front , alpine type s in rears ,2 infinity 3 ways ,2 alpine 2 ways on custom shelf behind rear seat ,sony multimedia head unit ? good job its an estate other half not happy when we go shopping we have to put it on rear seats, but I tell to catch bus,,,,,,,,,,,,,,