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Midlands who is in lincoln/newark

Discussion in 'Regional Groups' started by speedfreek, August 11, 2009.

  1. is there anyone in the linc's area
  2. think the closest z22se member is in birmingham m8
  3. im in sutton bridge,lincs ,right on the norfolk /lincs border
    kwikasfaki is near boston ,lincs
  4. aha there u go :)
  5. Hi! I am from lincoln as well (y) !
    See U arround sometimes.

  6. i work in lincoln mate
  7. Hi again!
    It would be nice to organise a mini spot to exchange informations about our cars. If somebody have any ideas where to go in lincolnsire than please do no hesitate to share that information (y) cheers..
  8. wtf ^^^^^^^^
  9. Spammer.

    I Cant delete the post and user on tapatalk.
  10. Hey, I have just joined the site an I am in Lincoln.
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