Where are they all gone !

Hi guys..... new to this forum. Can anyone help me ?
I have a Vectra SRI 2.2 Direct 56 Plate. The front fuel feed pipe is bust and I have tried numerous Spares /Parts /Breaker sites to locate one but not having much luck.

There is a silver disc incorporated in the fuel line and it is this that is pin holed and spraying fuel.
Are there any specialist companies for obsolete parts you know of ?
The main dealers have told me that the part is now discontinued.

I have also tried locating the compatible Zafira 2.2 Direct part but again no luck

Many Thanks
Surprised you can't find anything on e bay.

A lot of saab parts are compatible with vauxhall, could be worth checking out Saab parts database as well

There must be some kind of alternative out there