What's in your cleaning kit

Seems things have changed a lot since the last time I 'properly' cleaned a car.. capfull of turtle wax in a bucket of tepid water, artificial chamois, a bottle of Autoglym and a bag of old t-shirts was it..

So, I have nothing in my kit apart from a couple of buckets... what do I need?
The basics would be a decent wash mitt, two buckets with grit guards a decent shampoo, then a quick detailer with good drying towel then I would polish / protect and seal. Brands and budgets is your next question.
Martyfart.. think you mean Carnauba wax??

Are all microfibre cloths created equal?

Are they used for waxing or is a softer cloth required?

Anyone using a machine (DA?) polisher?


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there are good micro fibers and there are run of the mill micro fibers :)

the problem with car cleaning there's so many products

i can recommend jon's products from http://shop.evolutioncc.co.uk/
and here's a 20% discount code for z22se users - Z22se20 -

the glass cleaner and the worrier fall out remover are great well everything ive used from there has been real good and the prices are right :)
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As Carl says there is massive choice and easy accessible now in the UK when I started detailing some 10 - 12 years ago I had to import products from the states. I started using Mothers and poorboys which I still love today but also like megs / dodo and chemical guys and many other ranges.

As for MF clothes yes you can get cheapish ones which are ok or you can buy expensive plush ones, TBH I use cheapo ones for door sills and the seats etc. and then megs ones for general polish and wax removal, the ultra plush ones for the final sealant removal and buff.
Scouring around the interwebs, this looks like it could be quite a significant investment..

Is there a single brand that is good enough to do it all? One that isn't going to bring me out in bruises if the missus finds out preferably.
All good stuff chaps, very helpful, thank you...

I'm going to do a slow build of all the gear over winter, lessen the impact (when swmbo finds out)..

Need a couple of buckets.. (just working it out), a pair of cheap buckets will be ~£10.. a pair of grit guards ~£15.. or I can just get a pair of Dodo buckets with pretty graphics for £27.. pretty graphics win every time, someone can buy me them for Christmas (sorry about the premature use of the C word... I have 3 kids, they've been making lists for a couple of weeks now)
The hand car wash where I am uses it and I've seen it in motor factors think eBay got it too but you need the 5ltr kit comes with a bottle hose thing that u fill up and connect to a hose with the stuff and spray on car with the hose on think that's how it works