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What's a sc mapped Ecu worth

Discussion in 'Supercharger' started by dewismotorsport, January 3, 2015.

  1. as above fully mapped Ecu with chip and transponder, any ideas what it's worth?
  2. Well the map cost what ? £300 for base and the tuning which is about £100 I think

    so id say its gota be £200 atleast and I have tagged you into a thread where someone may want to buy it.
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  3. £200 base map and £95 per hour for mapping I was told by CS then what ever the Ecu, chip and transponder is worth?

    Yeah cheers Dave
  4. I thought it was £300 for base.

    but id say with chip n transponder its gota be worth £200 if not abit more it would be better with a full charger kit to go with it id say but its a good part of the puzzle for someone with a vec b.
  5. When i asked vocky the value of my sc kit when i first had ideas of breaking he said the vectra ecu kit was worth 350
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