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What pulley is this?

Discussion in 'Supercharger' started by turbo_larsson, December 5, 2015.

  1. Hello
    Just got my SC kit home for my Vectra. Can anyone tell me of this picture what pulley is mounted.
  2. whats it say on the end ?
    4 bolt or 5 bolt ?
  3. Vill go to my garage tomorrow make a better picture, just got this one in my computer
  4. Are you trying to put this on a vec c? If so its never been done (so far) as the ECU is different.
  5. Yes on my GTS -03 with z22se
  6. Going to attempt with z20net ecu as its easier to map. rushy

    i hope it works out cos it will open up alot for the vectra c croud. :)
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  7. I've always wondered why it couldn't be done without NET ECU.

    Never say never as they say, fingers crossed it goes to plan.
  8. Yes i will try at first with the Vectra C ECU if i can find someone who can program this.

    But as a backup have got my self a loom/ecu from a realy early Vec C Z20NET.
    Then i'm home free so to speak. Since this is no problem to program this ECU with a good program that works with the SC instead of a turbo.
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  9. 20151206_143357. After some cleaning i looks like there is a 3.0 on it. Must a stage three pulley then?
  10. its just a zzp 3.0" pulley
  11. Then i think i will try to change it back to a std one. To make this work easy on my Vec
  12. the zzp one is hub based so all you have to do is unbolt that one and fit what ever size you want/need 3.1 is what i fitted and then had to have a massive rpm cap
    the standard one is 3.3" and push on