What pulley is this?

Just got my SC kit home for my Vectra. Can anyone tell me of this picture what pulley is mounted.


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I've always wondered why it couldn't be done without NET ECU.

Never say never as they say, fingers crossed it goes to plan.
Yes i will try at first with the Vectra C ECU if i can find someone who can program this.

But as a backup have got my self a loom/ecu from a realy early Vec C Z20NET.
Then i'm home free so to speak. Since this is no problem to program this ECU with a good program that works with the SC instead of a turbo.


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the zzp one is hub based so all you have to do is unbolt that one and fit what ever size you want/need 3.1 is what i fitted and then had to have a massive rpm cap
the standard one is 3.3" and push on