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What Photo hosting are people using now?

Discussion in 'Technology' started by dewismotorsport, December 3, 2017.

  1. Used to always use photobucket but refuse to pay for the third party hosting.

    Want to start my build threads again but don’t know who’s best to use anymore.

    What you guys using?
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  2. What size do you upload them? I uploaded them with 350x350 resize and they come up small on a computer screen in my build thread :(
  3. That's the thumbnail size, you can choose between several thumbnail sizes.

    Right after uploading the pic, if you click on the thumbnail the full size pic will be displayed.

    Then right click on the full size pic and choose "view image".

    For example this is the 350x350 resized thumbnail of Monica:


    And this is Monica in full glorious splendor:


    If you want to nest the full size pic inside the thumbnail, so that it will be displayed when clicking on the thumbnail, do this:


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  4. for pictures on the forum i use the forum i used to use pb but as you said that rubbish about paying im not doing that lol

  5. I just want the full size one up, I don’t want to have to click on something to bring it up. Photobucket just had one setting and it worked perfect but refuse to pay £££’s.

    I share to other pages Carl so need a universal image so I can just copy and paste the whole lot easily if that makes sense
  6. Upload to imgbox, then click on the thumbnail, then right click on large pic and select "view image", then copy url of image. There you go.
  7. Perfect cheers mate (y)
  8. didn't know it had changed, i just upload from a photo album?
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