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Wet floor passangersside Astra G coupé

Discussion in 'Car Discussion' started by Reniér, March 1, 2018.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I have a thing going on with my Astra G. When I was cleaning out the interior I noticed the floor was wet (passangersside, where the feet rest). I pressed my hand on the floor and it smelled like cooling liquid (that sweet, soury smell). I also noticed the level I had to refill the cooling liquid.

    So I took away the center console so I could take a closer look on the heater and the O-rings. I've heard those two things are known to leak in the Astra G. I checked it with a cold engine, warm engine, with the heater of and on, with the AC of and on but I can't see whats leaking. The floor under the heater is dry, as is the plastic box surrounding it. The O-rings aren't leaking. Am I missing something? Do you guys have any tips?