Wanted: vectra b z22se cat

Sorry if it's in the wrong section or anything. As the title suggests I'm after a cat for my z22se vectra b. I'm in Essex but can travel a little. Anything that'll save paying 110 quid for one of eBay. Not even sure if it's a proper one on ebay?
Hey Jon I'm in the same position and need a cat for my Vec B z22se. Idk what the deal is regarding emissions on the non approved against a type approved cat & half the time I can't find if they are approved or not & if we could legally buy non approved at our own risk??
I saw this one on fleabay & is a little cheaper and is one of several listings at the same price?? Confusing af! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm1316260225900

Alternatively I did read a previous post recommending a cell cat 200 or something (iirc) that was around the £100 mark & a universal fit, with a little welding. If I'm wrong about that I hope someone can put me right cause I have questions regarding the exhaust sensors in that instance.
i had a cat made by BM many years ago on my vectra B. lasted about 2 months. cheap nasty parts. you get what you pay for.
so i learnt how to weld stainless steel and made my own down pipe and cat with bits from a pro exhaust manufacture but you can get the same bits and a cat from demon tweaks.
the current 200cpi one i have on the supercharged corsa was only £79.
the first one i made has now done over 80,000miles and all the parts came to £120. still working on the N/A corsa.
Kewl, thanks dude that's good to know & I'm assuming it doesn't pose a problem when it comes to mot time? Do you need to use an adapter for the cat sensor or am I confusing it with a de-cat pipe? I'm not an expert welder by any means & have never attempted stainless but my dad is the man to ask for help with that part and anything has gotta be better than driving around with an empty can under there lol.
In the meantime while I'm sourcing bits & bobs for the exhaust I'd better get on & put the new piston rings in I got or there'll be little point buying a cat & arranging an mot :pigeon14:
with a 200cpi cat it should go through mot. mine always have done.
if you are making your own down pipe you can leave pre cat out and go for 2.5" to the cat then if you need to step down to the rest of the system do it after the cat.
think i had a 90* bend, a 160* bend a bit of straight pipe 2x lambda bosses and a flexi to make mine.
first picture is 2.5" all the way second is 3" to cat then 2.5"
Sweet, they look like they belong under there ;) and it looks like I'm gonna be making another shopping list lol.
I was wondering what size was already under her & if I could improve on it slightly but there it is (y)
The standard downpipe looks fine & I know it has no pre-cat, I checked when I replaced the flexi bit & beat all the bricks out of the standard cat last year (after it was bumped & had to be re-mot'd).
Eml light has been burning brightly ever since (obviously :pigeon3:) & it's randomly joined by the engine service light (the car with the spanner) so I really do have to do the piston rings, etc. before I do anything else, as I did have to beg & plead with the mot dude to pass the emissions last year, on the promise he'd never see her smoke out his garage again :whistle:
I could just buy a cat to fit the pipes I already have but where's the fun in that if I can aim to have a 2.5 downpipe, 200 cpi cell cat fit that to the Hoffman straight through centre I already have & the double square, irmscher, letterbox back box. :p If all goes well I could then see about changing the centre & back box but I'm getting a little ahead of myself and at least the weather is good at the moment so I can sort of sunbathe whilst I'm working out there :pigeon9:
you can re use the manifold flange to if you make your own as that has a 2.5" hole in it :)
standard down pipe's are just under 2" from factory. :(
Kewl beans (y) manifold to downpipe flange never entered my head :unsure: but yeah It's obviously fatter where the pre-cat was. Is the spacing of the sensor bosses critical? The listing I saw of a 200 cell I'm sure had a boss already fitted (n) is that not the case as it wasn't clear from the fleabay ad, some ads are so fxxkin misleading.
Oh well I'd better crack on despite the heat :pigeon9: I've already been delayed by a leaky Kia & I can't delay the inevitable any longer, I have to make a start, to strip away at my baby's heart :unsure: I'll be ok once I've started but I have the obvious worries that she'll not survive the surgery :( I've had the head off before but never delved any deeper than that, just have to have a little more faith in my abilities I guess (n) and I know you guys ain't far away with great tips & excellent advice. :cool::)
Sound, I'll keep the one I take off in one piece till I have all the bits I need before I cut it up. I don't usually have the luxury of having a template or manual to work from lol ;) Although I may have to split the downpipe from manifold as I have the obligatory stubborn last nut and I really don't fancy trying to lift the head with exhaust manifold attached (n) looks like I'll be needing new nuts after this cause it's gonna have to be split :eek: (sounds painful :rolleyes:) and I may need an injector seal as one appears to have disappeared down the cylinder, I managed to retrieve a second from on top of the valve via the inlet intake so I hope I can still find the other intact :D:whistle: other than that the tear down is going as expected, slow & steady (y)
Gotcha, thanks for that :) I didn't realise you were only supposed to use them once (n) they seemed ok when I refitted last time but as I'll be changing the downpipe & cat I think it would seem a little stupid not to change them this time lol. That's those added to my shopping list & I'm also going to have to source the manifold to head studs & nuts :unsure:
I've a snapped one I need to remove from when I replaced the cracked manifold last year and another needs tapping out but some of the nuts have seen better days.
Cheers dude (y) way more info than I needed but I see what I need from the manifold section. :)
I was hoping to being further along by now but a persistent diesel leak on a Ford I'm running around in has hampered progress. :( that and I had to cure separate oil & water leaks on my dad's kia. Fingers crossed, touch wood the kia is done & he can plod on & leave me to crack on, just hope he remembers when I need welding advice ;)