vx220 clam vents

there was a bodykit I saw a few years ago which I thought was suited to the vx220


I liked the front bumper especially, so when I saw this front bumper on vx220.org I knew what my next winters mod will be :roll:


I want mine to look like the pic below, I photoshop'd the above pic and widened the grill section and reduced the headlight section, much better proportions 8)


also posted was this red vx220 front bumper


what do you think dunno..


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The vents would be ok if combined with ducting for brake cooling purposes but the arches will look gash :roll: They would spoil a already great car cheers..

BTW Have a search on .Org for the " Stormtropper" Vx :eek:
totally agree about the arches, they are just plain wrong :roll:

my plan is to fit a scoop behind the grill to channel the air direct to the brakes :)
I do like them, you can use something like this for proper cooling of the discs / calipers


I thought you meant these at first (I love them 8) ), in these photos they have been added without blending, hence no respray; but I think I'll wait until the stone chips get really bad then get these blended in at the same time





Hope Jawz doesn't mind me using his pics


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I'm pretty much doing the same thing. Front vents come from here
They also do the top louvres but they orginated here
http://www.custommania.se/produkter.php ... 11&n2=&n3=
and I believe there will be some swedish copyright lawyers getting onto the edel place.

I also believe DT do ducts for the brake end for the cooling.
I was considering getting a second front clam so I can fit them all when I get a spare moment and still drive the old waggon. Not found one at a price I'm willing to pay so might end up as a job over xmas.