Vikash from Holland

Hello people,

It's me, Vikash. I'm from the Netherlands.

I'm the owner of a 2002 Astra Mk4 z22se convertible. Have it since forever, 1st owner.
She came in perfect combination, black on black.
Had done some small modifications, but nothing related to engine-bay.... yet.
I'm here to check out about the M62 Supercharger.
It's a very costly modification, but I guess the best option to boost up the engines performance.


Hello and welcome to z22se.
The sc kit is a cheap way to gain extra :D:D:D:D
in uk it's around £1500 all in to gain 100+bhp on a stock engine if you do spanner work.
So... after registering myself on this forum all plans went overboard.
Some intense private matter came in between.
And now in 2020, the whole world is in partial lockdown. So, more time to pick up some old plans.

My car has been suspended for 2 yrs now.
And will be till I get to save me money to execute the plan.

My wishlist is still to have an supercharger on the z22se.
In the Netherlands there is no one with relevant information.
UK & Germany are my main areas to focus on.

Can anyone help me answering the following questions:
What extra maintenance will there be having a supercharger?
What extra upgrading does one need after placing a supercharger? Brakes, etc?

I am no handyman myself. So I need people to have it done for me.
I know it will take money and time to arrange everything.

What are your experiences (good/bad) after having the supercharger installed?
evocarlos is the man to ask.
It's always best to upgrade the brakes before any performance gains. Not sure on the Astra what your options are as I have Corsa C 2.2's
A good 2.5" exhaust system is also worth while.
Suspension upgrades are also worth the money so you get better handling and can use the new extra power better.
A stock engine will take 260-270BHP without any upgrades, ported head, lightweight flywheel and balancer delete will free up the engine and add a few extra BHP and are not to expensive.
While you are doing the Flywheel fit a new clutch, stock ones don't last long over 170BHP (mine didn't anyway) Sachs organic is what I'm using now in the SC Corsa.
New set of GM chains is always good too.
down side is you want to be on power more so the Charger is whining more :D Other than that and using a bit more fuel after over 4 years with one fitted no other problems.
Good luck with the build. (y)