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Vectra C supercharger?

Discussion in 'Supercharger' started by Matt_Tomo9667, July 28, 2011.

  1. Hi, I'm just wondering if anyone has supercharged a vectra c 2.2 facelift? Iv looked on courtneys website and there is loads of info about astra, vx220 and vectra b but zilch on vectra c. Is it even possible and how much would it all cost?


  2. the problem is the CAN system on the later vectra C, I suspect courtenay cannot map the ecu, plus the later vectra C has the z22yh engine and the supercharger inlet manifold doesn't fit that head :(
  3. I spoke to Courts about it a few years ago, they said they could do the SE in the Vec C but never have done so don't have and info/maps and so on. As for the YH, i don't think the CAN would be a problem as its the same as the pre facelift SE in that department but as Vocky mentioned it would be the Manifold. The other problem I think they have on both cars is the angle of the engine, in mine certainly, its tilted quite far back so the SC would sit quite high up front and I think there might be clearance issues with the bonnet, nothing a big hole wouldn't sort LOL

    It would be nice though to shut up a few of the VXR online guys who presume just because you dont drive a VXR your beneath them, Vec C certainly, cant comment on the astra chaps however.
  4. i know this is a really old thread but id really like to do the supercharger conversion on my vectra c (prefacelift)

    iv spoke to evocarlos and been in his astra and i think im at a point of either do away with the vectra n get a turbo astra or vectra or supercharge mine.
    i could live with a bulge at the front of the bonnet, hahaha but has anyone done it yet??
  5. I've never seen one on the 2.2 yet
  6. id love to have the first vectra c with a supercharger,

    I dont care if it has a strange bulge at the front of the bonnet to acomadate(I cant spell today) it
  7. I think everyone has mentioned that space was the only real issue.
  8. if it will fit in a corsa then it will fit in a vectra c :)

    the charger sits as low as the fuel rail

    issue is theres no return line on the fuel rail and as said above the ecu dont match
    maybe theres an option to run a z22se vec b or astra g 2.2 ecu ?
  9. I will have a big hole, if thats the only thing holding it back

    carl said it cost him about 1500quid so its not that much money, it would take me a wile but Id love to do it
  10. hmmmmmm carl theres so much I dont know, doesnt the ecu control all the other random stuff like the warning lights n the display that says theres a bulb out etc, wouldnf that get messed up if I used a b ecu?
  11. yeah the charger and the extra bits to get it working was around the £1500 mark its way way past that now with the new engine lol
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  12. yeh yours has gone to a different level now.
  13. not to sure but seen people run 2 ecus the cars original and the extra ecu controlling the engine but i dont know how or if that would work in this case ?
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  14. thats the thing with this int it, cos its not bin done before nobody knows so to find out its gonna cost

    I wish it was just a parts list n bolt everything on.
  15. just buy an astra g lol :)
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  16. iv been thinking about a new car but I really like mine,
    iv thought about a astra gsi turbo or a vectra c facelift with expack turbo

    but whats the fun in that.

  17. from third post down, so mapping an early C with a z22se is possible at Courtenays
  18. so i wouldnt need to change the ecu or run seperate ecus?
  19. nope, just get your ecu remapped at Courtenays
  20. thats good then, so just bolt everything on and then take it to them

    so now i just need a parts list to try n price it all up. i found a colbolt supercharger kit on last night it had injectors an a few other bits aswell that was about $500
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