vectra c grill modification

These centre caps were a good price. On insignia caps all 4 delivered £12 then i had to take the badges off cut most of the lugs off the back then apoxy resin them onto my standard caps. just 3 to go.
Isnt everything off ebay??

I dont think my car would survive without ebay.
All my vehicles ate built with ebay parts.

Christmas, birthdays everything is off ebay. Nice 1
I allways ring local parts supliers first but 9 time out of 10 i can get it cheaper and delivered off ebay. And when looking for second hand parts or hard to find parts you cant beat ebay. I got a full power flow stainless exhaust for 150 delivered. And a k n N air filter for 10 quid bargain. Both were together worth 335 atleast. Nice 1
so parts fitted today (except the oil n filter i did them a few weeks back) just to make you all feel abit better and to help motivate you all

i never knew how s**tty it looks underneath and mite swap the rear door trim as there a slightly different colour
I have done 1 centre cap on the wheels but i will cross that off my list when all 4 are done. check it out all genuine gm parts or top quality,
View attachment 12722 View attachment 12723 View attachment 12724 View attachment 12725 View attachment 12726 i cant believe i didnt notice the difference in my old grill and new grill until tunk mentioned it. all ebay parts on a budget. the spark plugs should cost about £35 but ebay i got them for £1.30 +£6.00 shipping bargain u cant beat ebay nice 1
How easy did you find changing the fuel filter
I got one just aprehensive as been told about clips snapping
there a bit fiddly and can be brittle, dont go ragging at them, u have to squeeze a button on the clips to get them to release.

iv done it twice on the vectra now, i recomend a GM filter.
have fun
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so iv bought yet another grill, n it just doesnt look right to me, only thing i can think of doing is paint behind the grill black or the grill star silver but i think a silver grill would look abit s**t

grill mk3.jpg whats your thoughts ?


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Its not for me I'm afraid bud. I'd deffo paint behind it black but I'd be thinking about getting some vxr style honeycomb mesh from the bay and making a unique grill with the frame you have there. I did my bottom grill with a moded vxr bonnet grill.
im not sure about it yet, gonna give it some paint behind n see from there

iv still got the original sri grill and the ls grill painted black with new badge so i can allways change it again haha