Vectra c estate rear bumper

Just purchased a vectra c estate in ultra blue... Was just wondering if they do a rear bumper with exhaust exit on either side!?
Would like to put my scorpion s/s system on mine if poss...
Thanks Rob
Yeh im sure iv seen estates with twins.

xp estates im sure have twin. Or vxr estate
Hi Dave .. Vec xp estate don't have rear exhaust exits .. Just flat and plain .. Exhausts are hidden underneath ... Seen pic on eBay for a skirt but no bumper... Guess I'll just keep looking ... Rob
A full vxr rear bumper would be best option then id say.

if your on facebook look on the vectra c owners pages they should be able to help more than me. I dont really k ow the estates
Funnily enough, I saw a Vec VXR the other morning on my way to work. Twin exhaust at the back could have been Irmisher ones maybe unless the standard ones were rectangular.


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Irmscher don't list a rear bumper for the Vectra C Estate, only bumper protection strips. (They do list a front lower spolier).

Vauxhall lists OPC, VXR, Line Pack 2 options:

Extension, Rear Spoiler Lip, Rear Bumper, Primer (Line Pack 1, Line Pack 2) (If required can also supply 93165025 - VXR Styling glue kit)
GM Part # 93199105

Moulding, Rear Bumper Panel, Primer (OPC, VXR)
GM Part # 9271538

Extension, Rear Bumper (Except Parking Pilot System)
GM Part # 13100340

Extension, Rear Bumper (With Parking Pilot System)
GM Part # 13100341
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I meant the exhaust rather than the bumper KevinH sorry for the confusion. This was the car that I saw on the way to work, I managed to get the wife to take a picture of it, was curious that it had VXR on the back.