Vectra C air intake pipe.

I read a few topics about the Vecta C air intake pipe being used instead of the standard one. It seems pretty obvious why, the Vectra one does look a lot more free flowing.

What cars have people managed to fit these on?
Would it fit a VX220, maybe with a few mods?
Are they really only about £12
the problem with the vx220 is the air box is at a weird angle, which is why the standard intake pipe has the 'dogleg'. It might be worth seeing if it fits dunno..

a better idea would be the vec C intake pipe and a cone filter, the vx220 doesn't suffer from under bonnet air temperature issues like other vauxhalls, so a cone filter is fine.
I have not tried it yet, only to see if it fits. I need to get a 20mm hole saw for the air sensor.

What I like is that it looks like standard parts, not modded.
It rubs on the underside of your bonnet and you have to make a round pipe fit an oval outlet, also it is too long really thats why Jamee's bunches up and curves in the middle. To get mine to fit nicely i ended up cutting the airbox end off and inserting the pipe inside the airbox lid, but im not happy with it so have ordered hoses and am gonna make one up.


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yeh it is a tight fit and i aint happy with mine tbh

i have noticed that the car dont have the same amount of growl or urgent acceleration, it is more smoother and the power seems to be higher up the rev range
I know this is an old thread, i'm a few years behind and trying to make the most of what i can scrolling through all of these...

Is it worth doing this on a Astra, I may already have the pipe now, or should i try to return it and make one to fit?

I am guessing the gains are there though with the other standard mods:
de restricted air box + k&n

I also have a cat back exhaust to fit , plan on getting a sports cat and now know (as of about half an hour ago) I should get the Intake pipe into the air box