Vectra C 2.2 direct overheating - Water Pump??


New member here, I have had my Vectra C direct petrol for 4 years, done 32000 miles and one of the best cars I have had. (did 1500 miles in France in August, ran lovely)
Recently had a new alternator, and rear brake caliper, other than that, no maintenance needed except for yearly service.

Started car the other week, overheating picture on the dashboard, coolant container empty.
Could not see any water leak.
Filled up with water, light goes out.
Run car for up to 30 minutes in driveway, runs fine, takes this long to warm up at idle, then overheats, coolant going up and down in the container(lid off)
Removed thermostat, did same procedure, same results.
Heater put on full hot in the car, but never gets very warm.
Spoke to a mechanic, told sounds like water pump, will be very expensive as timing chain as well, best get another car!!

I have since found you can buy a BOSCH Water Pump & Timing Belt Set for a very reasonable cost.

Questions I have:
Could it be anything else other than water pump failure?
Have heard possible air lock, but that could be caused by balance chain belt snapping?

If asked a garage to do the work, how many hours would it take on average.
Just need to work out whether to spend more money on the car. (or at least persuade partner a good idea)

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labour should be 4-5 hours maximum, it can be done in 3 but doubt the garage will rush lol

the old pumps had a plastic impellor which has been known to break off, new pumps are metal
The water pump can be replaced on its own without removing the balance chain (and timing chain) which drives the pump but it requires a special tool by Kent Moore (KM-J-43651) or equivalent which retains the the coolant pump sprocket while the pump is removed and replaced. The thermostat housing and water pipe at the rear of the engine also have to be removed, replacing any seals on reassembly.

Laser equivalent tool:

If the vehicle has covered more than 100K miles then it's prudent to replace both the timing chain and balance chain with new kits with the water pump being replaced at the same time. Most of the guys recommend fitting genuine GM chain kits as they are long lasting and trouble free which means doing the job only once.

It's probably worth spending the money if you like the car. DId you actually change the thermostat?
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Hi, Thanks for the replies, I did not change the thermostat, just took it out. I would think would take longer to warm up, but sounds like unlikely to be the thermostat.
Car is 2005, with 109k, but a lovely car to drive, MOT until July, and price for replacement a lot more than I paid for this 4 years ago.
I was wrong on the timing chain kit, and looks like need to buy separately.
Eurocarparts have Lucas Timing chain kit for £314, Starline for £81 (both less 33% blackfriday discount)
Autodoc have FIA autoparts for £62 & £75, and a massive variety to choose from.
Not sure what genuine GM would cost, but imagine a lot more - ideally want to complete job including water pump for under £200/250
don't put on any other than genuine chain kits,, try saabtech on ebay they do timing kit £119.50 genuine gm ,, balance shaft timing kit £104, genuine gm,, heard of some nightmares from people fitting cheap timing kits and having to do them again because tensioners have failed,,, I got a genuine waterpump from autovaux , wakefield, £65 ,,
i bought genuine back in 2015 and they've been fitted to 3 engines now, the second engine I didn't get a new waterpump so when I started engine up it p**sed water all over the floor ,,,,