Vectra B electric folding mirrors !!


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After everyone has discovered that the vectra mirrors move, I wonder if you can buy a kit that folds them in when you lock the car or hit a button for parking like most cars do today ? I would buy it straight away !!! Soemone design it !!! drool.gif


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Wow, thats amazing ! Thanks LIVI150 !! I have the part numbers now too,

RH - 9134818 or 90568342 (depending on pre or post facelift)
LH - 9134817 or 90568341 (depending on pre or post facelift)

Early ones are about £100, later are £130 (retail) per side! LMF should be able to do them for around £80 per side.

Thats actually amazing lol I am buying them !!! What a cool modification !! :eek: :D 8) cheers.. :LOL: walkthedog..


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looking a the thread it looks like the idea was canned :(

I wonder how they knew when to fold?

Maybe need to probe the loom with a multimeter to see if anything changes when the deadlocks are applied.


Could the trigger not be taken from the electric window closure, just a case of splicing in like with the kit which lets you do this from the key fob when the deadlocks are applied?
By using land rover/ range rover wingmirror motors £10 on eBay
There's 2 wire for them needs to be on a reverse polarity switch
Do you know if they can be wired to the door locks as I've got them on a switch at the moment
I'm guessing if you found out which wire powers up the door looks when you press the lock button on the key fob it could possibly power the wing mirror too!!
Would take some playing with though mate!!