Vectra b Ecu onto Astra G cooling query

i have a astra g z22se and have a mapped supercharger Ecu from a vectra b. Now I know the Vectra uses a series of relays to run the fan side of things and the Astra a cooling module.

Would it be possible to convert the Astra to run the vectra's relay set up and ditch the cooling module?

I've asked courtenay sport if they can swap the maps over from Ecu to Ecu but they said no. So want £200 for base map then £95 an hour for mapping. They reckon it could be done within the hour. How long did it take on others cars?

I have Omex 600 which I'm tempted to make a loom for and map that with my friend but is more of an expense than a retro fit of a realy set up.


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think jons is running without the cooling module and he has a water temperature switch in the rad hose that triggers the fan relay
no eml like the astra ecu as the fans on the vetra don't have module

When they mapped mine although i was there from 9 till 1 ish .i had paid the 50 deposit then on the day i paid 63 so total mapping time was just over an hour
50! i paid £100 deposit and £40 on the day
This is my thoughts, aircon has never worked since I've had it (mostly my fault for not fixing leaks or re gassing it) so don't mind losing it and its rad. And as long as the dash gets a temp reading I'll be happy as like Carl says I can pikey mod the rad hose to run a fan switch. I may see if relay works first then if not just do above.


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jon with the supercharged cab he also has no ac and i think hes running the vx220 profile on the ecu thats similar to the vectra

im not 100% if hes got the vec or the vx220 on the ecu tho

temp gage is still read from the wts in the thermostat housing
vx220 is a different map to Vectra b, im running vec b now but swapping to vx220 when I rebuild bottom end. Courtenay say its simpler to map.
out put signal change for cooling fan switching between the 2 though. and maybe another signal wire?
not sure on the astra set up but you may have to swap wires around to make vec b work on astra? but totally possible to do away with cooling module.
cooling fans are switched buy the ecu via relays, 3 stages if you have air con. but if you bin out then just use first stage. fan cut in/out temps can be set when mapping.
I'm leaning towards just binning air con and cooling module all together and just run a in line coolant fan switch to kick the fans in. In theroy the Vectra b Ecu should run everything else as normal