Vectra 1.8vvt problems no eml on!

Hi everyone new to the forum and I'll try and keep this as short as possible..

Anyway cold start engine jumps like rattle for a second, when warm much better but car hesitates and is underpowered.
Another problem fuel smell espically at idle coming in the car and outside the car.

And today its starting to get worse left work car would barely move really really hesitant, put your foot down nothing happens then suddenly it jerks. Misfiring?

No eml on
I've changed the maf sensor I've changed air filter
Only had the car for around 4 weeks and when I got the car it was peeing out of petrol from a badly corrodid fuel filter when the aa has came out and changed the day I got the car.
Car has been on a diognostics and they said its running rich and lean

Any help much appreciated as I've been to 3 garaged and they have said all kinds of things.
Car has full service history

Thx for any input.
New symptoms this morning, popping exhaust and idling I'd say hunting and a couple of mins later it settles down but still sluggish especially at low rpms and still stinks of petrol.
Much appreciated