vec c rear washer jet

Seems blocked have a full water tank but just dribbles through

Has anyone got instructions on what to look for.

Bit worried as jet is built into the aerial at the rear. And dont fancy taking roof lining out.

Also would this be mot fail if I cannot fix it

Sorry if this is posted in wrong forum
just an idea but if u have a compressor n a airline, take the pipe of the washer bottle n blow some air down it

or just get your mouth round it n blow

might clear it. or suck but that could be gross.

or try some hot water in the washer bottle.

like i say just ideas im not sayin any will work


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The pump get gunked up, try taking the pump out and flushing it with clean water. You can easily get to the bottom of the sprayer by just dropping the headlining, open the boot, pull the boot seal down then gently pull the roof down.