Vec B head rebuild

So the head on the vectra has been rebuilt unfortunately I didn't have the funds for new cams or rockers and lifters but they are in really good condition valves were lapped new chain and balance chain kept the old plugs In got a set of ngk Lazer platinums to go in it when I drop the oil at 200 miles currently at 120 all good right not!!!! For some reason I'm getting a jerking when I am at low revs or if I'm cruising at 50 and let my foot off the accelerator and then put it back on I get it then cold or hot doesnt matter Its reading a fault on the air intake temp sensor so ordering that in a couple days is that enough to cause it to do that?

Also anyone know anything about the power steering on the Vec B my fluid level keeps dropping and keep hearing the pump spinning this is all after it stopped working after I got recovered off the AA they put it on an A frame so when the wheels were turning with the engine off it spewed the powersteering oil all over I have checked for leaks there are none but keep getting frothy fluid tried lock to lock with the cap off and no burps can't understand where the fluid is going it's not in the head can't smell it plus the engine wouldn't of liked it any tips on what to try?
is the EGR blanked off ?
have you cleaned the throttle body ?
the wiring can break on the air intake sensor, so worth checking that too

ps: standard vauxhall triple electrode spark plugs are the best for the z22se or Bosch 4's
No egg is clear and working throttle body is clean and I've literally just checked that went and bought solder and lost the bloody connector haven't I
Made my own connector light stayed of for about 20 mile then bang back on just after I take my last 10 in my account which I was going to use to buy one lol any thoughts on the powersteering Vocky?