vauxhall vectra 2.2 sri direct won't rev over 4000rpm on hard acceleration, HELP

Hi there i have a Automatic Vauxhall Vectra 2.2 sri direct z22yh engine which has recently developed a fault which is driving me mad.
When you press the accelerator pedal softly it will rev right round,but when you press the throttle all the way down it wont rev over 4000 rpm. I had a diagnostic done but didn't show any faults. I have recently serviced the car (sparks,fuel filter,air filter) i have changed the high pressure fuel pump,throttle body and accelerator pedal as its fly by wire but have had no joy and am baffled as to what the problem can be.
If anyone can help it would be much appreciated
Many thanks

I have an anoying problem with my vectra! can anyone advise please!!! :(

ok....underload at 3000rpm+ sometimes more sometimes less? 3rd 4th gear it seems to choke up as if its not getting enough air? press on the gas and dont get the normal revs??

I get a misfire, but not always Sometimes the spanner light goes on at this point and goes into limp mode but not always

The problem gets worse when after sitting in traffic and the engine gets hot the problem then creeps into 2nd gear, lack of power

tick over is fine spanner light goes off when switch on and off, and if I drive sensible the problem doesnt show

so Ive cleaned the egr valve/oil and filter changes/replaced plugs no change

could it be the MAF or fuel regulator??
had the AA out and they couldn`t get any codes
Any advice would be much appreciated!!!!
mate sounds like we have the same problem.
i've had this for about a month now and is beginning to do my head in.
wouldn't the fuel pressure regulator show up on diagnostic??
I had the RAC come out to my car and couldn't get any codes either,he then drove the car and said it was my autobox which i throught was a load of rubbish.
if you have any luck at any point could you let me know please and will do the same if i have any joy
Will do mate no probs, you would think so but a mate said it wouldnt if it was playing up only underload?...there was a recall on these for the fuel pump (continental one if replaced) and fuel regulator.

Mine will go over 4000RPM if I feather the gas pedal also?

Will keep an eye on the posts:)
mine will rev right round if im light on the gas but when you step on it thats when it wont go over 4000rpm
might go and get fuel pressure regulator tomorrow from breakers to see if it makes a difference.
will let you know if i have any luck.


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Adam yours sounds like classic HP pump failure, the pumps that always fail are the seimans pump, there were replaced by vauxhall with the continental pump. BBC watchdog even did a report on it its that common.

Darron re yours, you say you've already replaced the pump with a new continental one? Have to fitted gen GM plugs, none gm plugs have caused problems in the past. Vauxhall did a silent recall on the fuel pressure reg a while back, it might be worth asking your dealer about this.

TBH it still sounds like the HP pump but so many things can put the car into a protected low power state on the C. Have you checked your inlet manifold is working properly, its also a high failure part on the YH. The swirl flaps get gunked up inside the manifold and cause the actuation bar to fall off. If the flaps are stuck shut you'll get good power down low but when you want a huge volume of air for top end it chokes the intake. Are you getting a sudden shut off of power (limp mode) or a gradual loss of power?
thanks for the response Rushy i still have the Siemens pump on my car. I opened up the pump and found that one of the three diaphragms had split and lost its hydraulic fluid
so i brought another second hand pump hoping this would work but still the same problem, so i opened up this pump and also found one split diaphragm. I made one good pump out of the two and still the same thing so don't believe it to be the pump.

i don't think its the swirl flaps either as when u press the throttle slowly and hold it it will go round to 6000rpm and if you hold it at 6000rpm and then floor it the revs drop off and sits at 4000rpm and sounds like its backfiring.

i checked the fuel filter on the pump inside the petrol tank and was fine. i then started the car and no change apart from EML light come on, so i plugged in and it gave me the code P1895 i then googled this and found one guy who also uses this forum with who has the same symptoms as mine and found it to be the fuel pump in the tank. Could this be the culpret as i know the pump has a regulator. Would a faulty pump or regulator cause these symptoms????
hi adam
i'm determined not to be beaten even through i'm at my wits end, i just want to see her run right again.
if you google vectra p1985 you will see there is someone from this website,uk who had the same problems to us and found it to be the fuel pump in the tank.
is your EML on?????
Bloody thing is driving me mad also! great car, but just think im going to destroy it everytime I put my foot down...annoying!!

No EML isnt on, but has come on a few times after misfire and something is failing!!!
let me know what code u get if u manage to get one.

will try to pick up a fuel pump 2morrow and will let u know what happens

i just hope i can get her running right again:(
hi guys i spoke to my mechanic at a vauxhall centre and has told me not to replace the pump inside the fuel tank as i have fuel coming up to the high pressure fuel pump and wouldn't if it had failed.He is 100% sure my problem is with my high pressure fuel pump

My car still has the Siemens pump and the second hand one that i brought was also a Siemens

i did make 1 good pump out of the 2 by swapping the diaphragms and re filling with hydraulic oil but my mechanic said this will not work

he has told me to buy a new pump or one off a car that i can hear running and this will solve my problem

so i have bitten the bullet and ordered a continental pump off a running 2006 car £125 and will be with me on Friday

fingers crossed will keep you all posted with the outcome.