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Discussion in 'Car Discussion' started by ZippyZafira, August 13, 2016.

  1. This one come in today. ..
    Lady said she hit some water behind a truck on the hiway.

    Believe it or not it was still running (drove it off the trailer)
    20160813_104335. 20160813_104339. 20160813_081622.
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  2. amazing it still ran :confused:

    I had one the other month which had cut both balancer shafts in half as well, the balancer chain was in pieces but the cam chain was still intact :eek:
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  3. sweet!! wouldn't have had to 'flush' out the oil and coolant then Nigel? :ROFLMAO:
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  4. Crankcase ventilation - the hard way asmileys.on_my_web.com_repository_Happy_happy_068.

    I swear, this pic has some artistic value:


    "Looking at fence thru exploded engine" asmileys.on_my_web.com_repository_Happy_happy_069.
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  5. Very artistic indeed. A title of something like "Balancing on the fence" might be good if that's a balance shaft I see.
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  6. "The World in my Block"
  7. How about "Beyond Time and Space" by A Gate from Through The Block publishers.
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  8. Thats good :D
    Or a slogan for the Engine like
    "nothing's gonna stop it - Z22SE"
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  9. After pulling the engine down it had NO chain on the water pump/balance gear
    searched the sump and everywhere and its no where to be found... strange that one. The engine is immaculately clean
  10. Couple of Scotty Kilmer videos related to the issue: