UK Based Trader

Hi Guys,

I've recently been in contact with some of the guys over at H-Tune with regards to parts for the Z22SE engine.

They are UK based and mainly supply uprated parts for Japanese manufactured cars.

I noticed they sold eagle H-beam rods so I asked if he could source any for the Z22SE engine, which he could and has now listed them on their website for the GM Ecotec 2.2 engine.

I also asked with regards to the supply of other parts that people on here source from the states such as Wiseco Pistons, Eagle Cranks, Supertech Valves and Comp Cams etc. and he said that they could supply them all.

They also offer an offer a 0% finance offer on selected parts for up to 12 months.

Just thought I'd give people a heads up to see if they would be interested.

All depends on the price. If they can match or beat the price then it would be good.
Shipping from the USA is pretty quick to, Ive had parts arrive quicker than from a UK supplier many times now.
Do you have a link to their site?
How much did you pay and from where if you don't mind me asking?

When I was pricing them up from realstreet they were $355 plus $67 postage (at the current exchange rate that's about £320) then add on your Customs duty and tax and it takes it up to £394.49!
got mine from 2 suppliers in US £480 all in on my door step in under a week cometic head gasket, arp stud kit, exhaust and inlet gaskets. eagle rods and wiseco pistons. exchange rate is not as good now i know.
going to pay more for the convenience of getting it all from uk i guess?