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they look to be similar to 253deg cams as measured by european standards...

the catcams site has durations in both "zero" lift and 1mm lift (euro then USA numbers) 0.050inch is roughly 1.2mm. so gives a good guide as to how they will compare.
Hi everyone!

I'm the owner of the company which is linked. Car Customs / AllEcotec.com

We have been around since late 2000 and have been doing business with GM Sport Compact applications. About 4 months ago, we went a head and launched the new site AllEcotec.com to help everyone with one place to shop out for all their Ecotec Performance needs.

The website gets updated on a daily bases if not weekly when I get the time to add more products. If there is anything Ecotec related you want to see end up on the website PLEASE feel free to contact us [email protected] or simply click on the "contact us" button off the www.allecotec.com website. I will do my best to add the product onto the website.

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1st of all i'd like to know what those cams do to slow town driveability and tickover !

so i mean for example compared to the piper cams.... as some pple have reported that cruisin slowly down town and driving in slow traffic can be a pain in the arse

i'd rather have 6bhp xtra without those probs then a more agressive camprofile that will give 10bhp
slindborg said:
are you the same Karo from SiValves?
No one named Karo @ SIValves.

We deal with SI Valves. Back in 2001/2002 we went to SI Valves to get them start making Ecotec Valves. We have sold over 100+ sets of them so far . . . .

Chaces are, I am the person you are talking about but with a different company . . . .

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Hi dudes :)

Im looking for preferbly one place in the US to buy som stuff to my engine....

one place that want to ship to sweden...

I would like to buy:
2,4 manifold
some nice cams
MSD Rotor
maybe a exhaust manifold
race catalyst
adjustable cam-pulleys
clutch cover

the more the better :D

any sugestions anyone ??


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The only thing that concerns me about buying from the US is i question the compatabilty with the astra ecotech. I realise they are essentially the same engine but are there any minor difference that could cause problems when fitting parts off a cobalt ss to an astra sri or are they totally interchangable notsure.gif