Trax 2013 Trax Stand


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Yeah I'm in! Trax is a brilliant day was going to buy my tickets when I get paid, but If there's enough interest to go as a stand I will wait. Can't wait to drive my car round Silverstone :)


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have to wait untill the football fixture come out just in case there is a game on that sunday, but if not we will def go
can you camp the night before?
just added my name to the list. but then remembered im in Sunderland some time in September. find out from the missus when that is. hopefully not the same time as trax.:unsure:
ok al let me brother know its a 2000 w reg beetle 2.0 8 valve its not as clean as mine but its an extra car and it will make mine the next s**test car not THE s**ttest hahahaha

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