TOTB 2014 interest....

Ok this is a call out for anyone interested in running in TOTB this year,


State what car/engine and if you are FWD/RWD/4x4
The times I am putting down for now for the 1/4 is;
FWD 11.99
RWD 11.1
4X4 also 11.1, please remember all times have to be run on road legal treads (E or DOT marked)
The above times have nothing to do with people I will be choosing for the circuit but also being fairly quick on the 1/4 also helps as we need to be doing all 3 parts of TOTB (1/4, track and top speed)
We are losing bonus points because we are not doing all 3 parts and this is one of the reasons we did not win last year, the Honda lads did all 3 and picked up bonus points!

Please add your details below,
1. Andy Speck - Corsa Turbo Subaru - 4x4
2. Allan Duthie - Corsa Turbo - FWD
3. Adam Dewis - Corsa Turbo - FWD
4. Alex Darcy - Kadett Turbo - RWD
5. Jonny Fletcher - Astra Turbo - FWD (Circuit)
6. Clark Appleton - Corsa Turbo - FWD
7. Will Watson - Astra Turbo - FWD (Circuit)
8. Stephen Backland - Astra Turbo - FWD
9. Ste Powell - Tigra Turbo - FWD
10. Nick Barnes - Corsa Turbo - FWD (possible)

Team 2.
1. Donny Wynn - Viva Turbo Subaru - 4X4 (possible)
2. Chris Mallinson - Corsa Turbo - FWD (possible)
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