took the snow foam plunge


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so i finally made the decision to buy a snow foam kit on there way from clean your car :)
got some 3000grit and a rubbing block just to try out see if i can make the car more shiny
Snow Foam Lance - Connection Type - Lavor fitting
Meguiars Hyper wash
Pump Dispenser - Gallon Bottles
Meguiars Unigrit 3000 paper
Meguiars Sanding Backing Pad


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Good stuff. Just dont go mental and have it like shaving foam on the car!! As it'll do f**k all in removing dirt. What snow foam u gone for? Valet pro is best for cleaning and autobrite best for showing off foam


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the bits came today from thanks to the guys there for the rapido service :)
well packaged and all intact (but packed in peanuts hate them things lol)

set it all up with warm water in the bottle and 2 short squibs in the bottle
it went like this left it for a few mins then blasted it off with the jetwash came up pretty clean and it had removed all the traffic film from the trip up to Liverpool

went over it again with the hyper wash and did a single bucket wash
the suds were great its what ive been missing from my wash cycle all this time

i used the megs ultimate wash in the bucket and the hyper wash boosted the suds i like it

will give the car a good going over at the weekend and then get the 3000 grit on the go :)
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Only problem I'm getting with the snow foam is that my surface is that smooth and slick finish the foam/shampoo struggles to stay on lol
the passenger door was the part that was cleaned really well last after i clayed it and went over with the mop it even seamed to stick well to that but that car was dirty i but it would be the same if mine was super polished like yours lol :)

i did also try to do it with cold water in the lance but the soap just sank to the bottom and would not separate lol had to shake it up real well and it seamed alot thinner than when using the warm water so warm water from now on

I've already decided how I'm going to kill my time down at yours @evocarlos
how that washing my car? lol


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well have washed the car a couple of times now with the snow foam tried 4 pumps its to much and think 3 full pumps is just right
the snow foam lance stopped working afters its 1st use ended up having to take the air bleeder out and washing it thru seems ok now must remember to rinse it after use lol

heres 3 pumps of megs hyperwash

good coverage and foaminess

6-10 mins later :)

got it so that im left with about 4" in the bottom of the bottle so i blast the crap off then recoat with the remaining then hand wash the wash mit only went in the bucket 2 times for the whole car lol

i did get the mop out to do the whole car but had a ruff weekend sanding a boat my shoulders were having none of it lol

meguiars ultimate polish after a quick clay job

i do like the ultimate range but then i have always used megs on this car other than the ag hd wax only used that a few times

tried to re enact the pic @Matt took at PVS its no where near lol