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timing chain kit, part numbers

Discussion in 'Cam Chains' started by andy72d, March 8, 2018.

  1. hi

    can any one help me out with the part numbers for a vectra c 2003 (z22se) timing chain kits (main and balance).

    tried ecat, but gives more than one option.

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  2. As mentioned above, that is about the cheapest you will find the genuine kits and they're the latest spec which includes the Z20NET timing chain tensioner.

    The genuine GM part numbers are:
    Timing Chain Kit - 55570337
    Balance Chain Kit - 55563405

  3. thanks for your help,
  4. The A20NFT chain kit does not come with the VVT camshaft sprockets, probably because they weigh a tonne each :LOL:
  5. Genuine A20NFT chain kits do come with the small bolts, but not the camshaft sprocket bolts
  6. for the 2.2 yes all sprockets no small bolts but cam bolts
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  7. Cheers (y)
    time you got all the other bits and a new gasket and seal the cloyes ones become a bit more money then.:(
  8. i keep gaskets and seal in stock for the chain jobs there like £9 for the seal and £16 for the gasket from el ring
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  9. so that kit is about £30 more than the GM kits go for time you get the rest of it, bolts, seal and gasket. :unsure:
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