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I believe that loose screw/bolt is for the timing chain tensioner arm, which could be slightly longer than the one for the oil jet. You can reuse the bolt/screw for the oil jet, but some of the other bolts which have threadlock on them should be replaced (they are supplied in the kit).

Tip: When refitting new timing /balance chain kits ensure all locating threads are dry (oil free) to allow the correct torque setting to be applied to the bolts/screws.

The GM part numbers for the two bolts/screws you mention in your first post above are:

Bolt,Timing Chain Tensioner Arm to Cylinder Block - 11518064

Screw,HEX.HD.,M6 x 30,Jet,Assy - 11516425
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Have found out that the two bolts listed above are both M6 x 30, so why the different part numbers I'm not sure, one may come with threadlock on it.
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Once the auxiliary belt is removed, a cutaway notch should be visible on the inner edge of the crankshaft pulley. This should be aligned with the mark on the timing chain/oil pump cover. With the camshaft cover removed, the cam lobes over cylinder no.4 (gearbox end) should be at 2 o'clock for exhaust cam and 10 o'clock for inlet cam.
Another tip for finding TDC is a visual one i like to use.

On the off chance that the mark on the oil pump cover is not visible or you have the cover off. what i prefer to use is a screwdriver or an extension bar in the spark plug hole of cylinder number 1 or 4.

When you rotate the crankshaft clockwise you will see the ext bar or screwdriver rise to it's highest point.
Before it starts to go back down.

You will have to rotate the crankshaft when the chain cover is off and you are setting the chain up properly so it definitely helps when you use this method.

You have to move the crank a little forward and a little backwards to remove slack in the chain on one particular side
over the other when you are fitting new chains.

Another tip is to make sure the woodruff key is pointing directly up at 12 o'clock
Thank you guys! Sorry for my bad English.

Is there a trick to remove the balancer sprockets?

When I mount the Intake sprocket should I rotate the intake cam or the Crank to get the slack out of the chain?
Or like in Cloyes guide on YouTube rotate intake to take the slack out the chain and in the same step slide exh on to the cam?

Can u guys maybe tell me how many Torque / NM the bolt of the auxiliari belt tensioner and the engine mount and the bracket (9156986) who ist mounted to the engine needs?

Thank you very much guys, Great help!
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